With the first instalment of our student loans seeming like a lifetime ago, it’s no doubt students are strapped for cash just in time for Christmas…typical. With the festive season creeping up on us faster than Santa’s dual exhaust sleigh with nine reindeer power, the pressure’s building to find the perfect presents with a not so perfect budget. However hope is not lost! With these crafty tips, it might just be a very merry Christmas after all.

1.Take advantage of your Student Discount!

With an NUS card, you can get presents at a discounted price almost anywhere. Shops like ASOS, Boohoo and New Look all offer student’s 10% off (or if you’re lucky, sometimes even more).

2. Go D.I.Y

There’s nothing more personal than making it yourself. Whether it’s a card or something a bit more professional looking, it’s going to be appreciated by your Mum AND your wallet. Check out Buzz Feed: 39 DIY Christmas Gift’s You’d Actually Want to Receive. 

3. Take to the Internet

This is one for the munchkins. Little brothers and sisters often have a list of presents as long as the North Pole, but the good news is they’re easily satisfied. Here’s a list of online activities you can get them involved with to keep the Christmas spirit intact.

4. Santa’s Grotto

If the online activities weren’t so much of a hit with the little ones, take them to see Santa himself! You’ll find that a variety of garden centres have a Grotto at Christmas time where you can pay a small price to take the kids to see Santa for a chat about whether they’ve been good all year! (Maybe that’s the point where you find an escape before he asks you the same question and the conversation turns to Freshers’ week). And if that still isn’t enough, he almost always gives the little ones an early Christmas present – you’re off the hook!

5. Boxing Day Sales

Finally, the last alternative is to hit the Boxing Day Sales. My tips would be to get there early and have in mind what you’re going to buy. If you can find an excuse as to why your gifts are late, then this is crafty way of paying less but still managing to get everyone something special.

So, do not fear! Instead of spending weeks coming up with a cunning plan to explain to your parents that you spent all your money on course booklets and journals and not on Budweiser and KFC, take these tips into hand and get creative!

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