One of the worst things about moving to uni? No it’s not the lack of decent meals or the horrifying debt your left, but it is in fact missing your dog, and I have learnt this through first hand experience. As the weeks pass by, each day the realisation hits you that you miss you dog more than anything, even more than your family. Here are ten things about missing your dog whilst your at uni.

  1. Skyping your dog is one of the best things possibly the highlight of your week, but you always feel so emotional because you miss them stupid amounts.

2. Anywhere you go if you see a dog, you immediately want to go over and stroke it.

3.You can’t wait to go home and see them.

4. And when your finally both reunited it’s the absolute best feeling ever.

5. Lazy days on the sofa are just not the same if your not cuddled up to your pup.

6. You spend so much time looking at photos of them.

7. You even have several photos printed out and put round your room.

8. You’ve contemplated at least twice about whether you could sneak them into to your accommodation for the night, but you know you’d never get away with it.

9. Whenever your on the phone to mum or dad, you always ask how the dog is before asking about anyone else.

10. You are that person who’s forever showing people pictures of their dog.

And I bet you thought you was the only one who had this crazy emotional attachment to your dog, now you can think again! Its completely normal.

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