For many of us, coming to University meant leaving someone very special behind – our boyfriends/girlfriends. For those of us who spent almost every single day with our partners before starting Uni, the sudden separation comes as a shock, and a very big one too! It is important to know that you are not alone, and that it is okay to wonder if you can cope.

It tests your relationship in ways you weren’t sure were even possible, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be scared that you aren’t strong enough, and it is crucial that you speak to your partner about your concerns. Communication is vital. It’s hard when your friends are having fun and ‘pulling’ people in the clubs, but you stay home because the hoard of desperate boys isn’t something you can enjoy whilst being in a relationship. It’s a little bit like ‘the survival of the fittest’ in that only the strongest relationships will survive, but know that you must work for it.

Planning for the future is a great way of distracting yourself from the weeks without him/her. Agree to move in together, or save money for a flat. This is also a good way of maintaining the independence that you gained by moving to University without offending your mother! If you and your partner have been together for a fair amount of time, maybe consider talking about when you’d like to get engaged. Planning milestones such as these don’t mean you have to stay with that person if it doesn’t work out, but it does mean that you both know what you’re aiming for.

The key thing to remember is that university doesn’t have to come between you and your partner, it can make you much stronger, and sometimes having time apart can keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

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