Living away from home whilst at university can be a challenge. I am currently living about 2 hours away so being able to get back all the time can be quite a struggle. Here are 5 tips that I use in order to cope from being away from home.

The first thing I would suggest is to call your family every other day or even everyday. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had to call our parents for tips on how to work the washing machine. I know I’ve already done that. This way it will enable you all to talk about your days like you normally would when you saw them everyday.

The second tip I would suggest is make the effort to make new friends and to try new things. This will enable you to distract yourself from thinking about home all the time. Also, by meeting new people your life at university will be so much easier and a lot more enjoyable. Whilst you’re at university, the group of people you meet will be your support when you’re missing family or just want someone to talk to.

Decorate and design your room like home. It will feel like nothing much has changed and will allow you to feel more comfortable. Whether it be the same bed sheets, photos of friends and family, or a rug that was previously in your room.

My last tip would be to remind yourself why you moved away from home to go to university. I know I chose my university because it was in a lovely area, the course was right for me and the people were amazing. Remember, you went to university because you have a goal you want to achieve.

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