Last night saw the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the show is a major event among women of all ages – throwing parties to watch together and taking over social media for an evening.

While the show is sold as ‘girlie’ and ‘fun’, it is known for something very different. It’s impact on the self-esteem of the women it is trying to sell products to.

The stars of the show are Victoria’s Secret’s “angels”, beautiful yet extremely thin supermodels with long limbs, chiselled abs and incredible hair. For Victoria’s Secret, the perfect sales technique for drawing attention to their beautiful clothes. After all, we like to look at beautiful people, right?

These models go through intense diets and workout routines in order to become these images of ‘perfection’, with some models stating that for days before the show they go as far as to avoid all solid foods and work out for up to two hours a day.

While it is clear to see that this lifestyle is unhealthy and frankly, dangerous, to the thousands tuning in to watch the angels, it is very real. Seeing these women with such ‘perfect’ appearances makes it seem attainable.

These shows magnify the already terrifying focus on appearance in society and form the ideas of “I am not good enough”, ideas that are all too present in many girls already.

With over 10 million women in the UK now stating that they are unhappy with their body image, it is difficult to understand how shows like the Victoria’s Secret Show justify their representation of women.

“Today is the day all of my self-esteem goes away”

“I’m not eating anything tomorrow!”

“Almost that time of the year to be reminded how fat I am”

These are just a few comments posted on social media during the show, and are a real expression of just how much of an impact it can have.

When it comes to self-esteem and body image, I believe that young women should be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle. Balance is key. Girls should feel able to enjoy a session at the gym, but also hang out and eat chocolate together.

Because, and this is key, women are so much more than what they look like. There is more to life than your dress size.

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