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Everyone’s been there – right before a night out, a huge volcano appears in the centre of your forehead just in time to be your ‘plus one’ to the party. Whether you attack it with ice-cubes, toothpaste, steam or another ancient home remedy, there’s no better feeling than when it finally goes. But, there’s many of us that never really have a day where our skin is spot-free.

Eight out of ten people suffer from acne in the UK according to figures from Bupa, and have probably tried every cream and treatment out there. However, the big debate at the moment is how many of those people have been asked by their doctor how they’re coping with their skin problems psychologically.

Having experienced the condition myself, I know that if I had extra support from my doctor about how my skin is making me feel, not necessarily just how my skin looks, it would of made the whole experience a whole lot easier.

Students especially are prone to spots due to alcohol consumption, make-up, dehydration, stress, and a diet consisting of pizza and chicken burgers. But, acne is usually hormone related and cancelling out all the factors listed above won’t always solve the problem. You can have the healthiest diet in the world, cleanse your face twice a day and drink enough water to fill a swimming pool but sometimes your acne just won’t budge. The only advise I can give is to speak to someone, and most of all be patient – it won’t last forever.

For more of an insight into others dealing with psychological effects of skin conditions, visit HERE! for more information.

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