I am currently in my eighth week of University and so far I have learnt a lot.

Never leave for a night out without pizza coupons, buy Lucozade in bulk to get through difficult morning lectures and make sure you befriend the guy that can cook.

Above all the lectures and life tips which I am sure will come in handy, I have learnt that if you want to have a good time, you have to go out and get it. Especially when it comes to University.

When I have caught up with friends about how they are enjoying their uni life, the answers have been incredibly varied. And I found a pattern emerging. Those who threw themselves into the world of uni got so much out of it, whereas those who sat back and were either overly shy or simply inactive found the lifestyle to not be what they expected and to lack a little excitement.

I’m afraid no one is gonna come along and hand over opportunities on a plate. Sadly, you don’t automatically gain friends, jobs and hobbies by sitting in your room watching back to back cat videos on youtube. You have to dare to change out of your pjs and leaving your room as well as your comfort zone behind.

The first two weeks are obviously prime time. You will get the most from your uni experience if you dive in head first with all the enthusiasm and willingness you can summon (even after 4 nights out on the trot). Say yes to socials with your course and to making a massive load of spaghetti bolognese with your flat.

However, it is very easy to procrastinate, (lets not lie, we all do it) especially with things that quickly lose the novelty of doing for yourself, food shopping, washing clothes, cooking healthy food. I find treating yourself to an episode or two on netflix if and when you achieve your jobs in the set time is a good way to motivate yourself.

Here are some other tips for staying active.

  1. Writing down your short term and long term goals.
  2. Motivational post it notes dotted around your room and kitchen also are a good pick-me-up.
  3. Stay organised with pretty stationary and a daily planner.
  4. Make to-do lists each day. Crossing off jobs is just so satisfying.
  5. Do boring jobs with friends. Company and conversation can make it all a little easier.
  6. Put your headphones in whilst doing the food shop. Beyonce can make even Tesco a little bit more bearable.

University is what you make it. It is so much more than just a degree. It shapes you into the person you are. Therefore if you allow yourself to change and develop and get involved you are going to come out better for it.

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