Street art… You’ll find incredible pieces all across the globe. And when done in the correct way, it really can be considered as a serious art form. So here are some of the best places around the world for spotting some street art.

Shoreditch, England
London’s Shoreditch is the ideal place for those who love street art. The streets are lined with world famous artists. Belgian artist Roa has gifted the city with his stunning black and white animal portraits. You’ll find his hedgehog on Chance Street and on Bacon Street, you’ll see not one but two of his pieces. Just look for a crow and a sleeping pig. Shoreditch is also home to Banksy, Stik and Howl Owl.

Melbourne, Australia
Over the other side of the world you’ll also find the streets adorned with graffiti. And with many approved outdoor locations throughout the city Melbourne is a maze for those wishing to spot some amazing street art whilst in Australia. To see some of the city’s best street art head to it’s many laneways. Hosier and Rutledge Lane should be your starting point as it is one of Melbourne’s most photographed attractions.

Dublin, Ireland
Now, Dublin may not be notoriously known for its street art, but if you’re ever visiting the city you must take some time to check out its street art. And the highlight most definitely is the Tivoli car park on Francis Street. It’s a bit of a walk from the city but once you get there you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The car park behind the Tivoli Theatre is a colorful oasis and is the product of All City Tivoli Jam.

Prague, Czech Republic
One of the must see street art spots has to be the Lennon Wall. It is located in the heart of Old Town and tarted it’s life as just another ordinary wall. Until the 1980’s where John Lennon (hence the name) and Beatles’ inspired street art started to appear here. It’s a great spot in the city to read messages of love and peace, and it really is something you should not miss when in Prague.

Berlin, Germany
And finally we have Berlin. In this vibrant German city you can find street art almost anywhere. Colourful pieces deck the walls, bridge piers and corners of houses. In Berlin’s Mitte district you will find a whole range of different street art styles. Every space is covered with stickers, spray paint and stencils. Here you’ll find works by Banksy and The London Police group.

Have you visited any of the above locations to check out the street art? We would love to hear if you have. Any more suggestions on where to find some of the world’s best street art will also be hugely appreciated.

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