Travelling stylishly has become big over the last few years. You can now buy matching suitcases and holdalls, decorative passport covers and beautifully designed neck pillows. But sometimes, some of the best travel accessories aren’t stylish at all, and quite frankly are damn right embarrassing to be seen with. So I’ve rounded up some of the most practical, yet embarrassing travel accessories that you need to take on your next trip.

The Selfie Stick
I’ll be the first to admit I hate these things. You look ridiculous trying to pose whilst holding a selfie stick and they’re just irritating. But it does come in handy for many whilst travelling. For that solo traveller, it’s the perfect solution when trying to take a photo of yourself in front of an impressive landmark. And for big groups it’s great when trying to capture those special moments, as it means no more cropped heads and missing friends from photos.

Bumbags/ Fanny Packs
Just the name is enough to make you squirm, so the idea of actually purchasing and then wearing one of these is fairly embarrassing. But, as the article name suggests, they are super practical for travelling. You’ll be able to store all your small valuables easily, without the hassle of lugging around a huge backpack. Bumbags are great if you’re planning on heading to a theme park or a festival whilst on your trip.

A Snuggie is the epitome of a lazy persons blanket. Now there is no need to lift your arms from underneath the blanket, as of course that’s a lot of effort. Now blankets have sleeves to make the task of changing the channel even easier. Despite my rant, a Snuggie is ideal for using on a flight or long-haul coach journey. It’ll keep you extremely warm and the sleeves make it very functional, so you can still wear it whilst tucking into that in fight meal or when flicking through your newest book.

Bucket Hats
Previously worn by fisherman, have apparently made a comeback. They may be embarrassing to wear in public, but now that the likes of Rihanna have been seen wearing them; they seem to be getting a stylist new makeover. Bucket hats in all colours, shapes and patterns are available and are so practical when travelling. They’re comfortable and do the job of keeping the sun off your head, meaning no more burnt scalps for anyone.

Do you have an amazingly practical travel accessory that’s a little bit embarrassing to be seen with? If so, we want to hear all about it!

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