Uni is stressful – you can’t deny that! By the time Friday evening rolls around I can’t wait to have a cosy night in at some point during the weekend and just relax. Here are a few of my tips and recommendations for the ultimate night-in!

  1. Movie and TV shows:
    Who doesn’t love a good movie or TV show to binge watch? Recently, I have been obsessed with The Hunger Games series and the Jurassic Park – such a classic.
    How about re-watching your favourite series? If you prefer something that keeps you on your toes, Bates Motel is the one for you. It is quite dark but definitely addicting (don’t say I didn’t warn you).
  2. Snacks and drinks:
    This is my favourite bit. A tub of Ben and Jerry’s can get a little pricey, so white not create your own ice-cream concoction? Chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles and crushed Oreos tastes really yummy! Get creative and make your own speciality.
    If ice-cream isn’t your thing, I’d suggest popcorn. There are so many varieties and it’s so easy to make. A bit of melted chocolate on top of some salted ice-cream tastes surprisingly good… that’s my guilty pleasure.
    For drinks, there’s nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate. Especially since it is getting quite cold, it’ll keep you nice and warm.
  3. Games:
    If you have company on your night-in, why not make it enjoyable with some games. Monopoly always gets competitive and you can play it for hours! Otherwise, some classic card games are good enough. Why not try and learn a new one? There are so many online that I’d never even heard of. That’s always great fun.

And there you go – the perfect night-in, inexpensive and does the job. Enjoy!

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