It’s easy to turn to friends when things aren’t going right in your relationship. when you’re left feeling confused and doubtful about your partner, your friends are the ones you turn to – perhaps they’ll give you a fresh perspective on what to do in your situation.

99% of the time if your friend knows your partner has done you wrong or made you unhappy at least once, then they’ll probably be all for you breaking up – only because they want what’s best for you. But it’s important to consider this –

You’re your own best friend when it comes to relationship advice.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, your instinct has been telling you what to do all along. While friends can offer valuable support and guidance, they’ll never be able to make your decisions for you. In fact, relying solely on a friend’s relationship advice may lead to resentment – “What if I hadn’t taken their advice? Would I still be with X?”.

Obviously there are exceptions – relationships can really cloud your judgement and sometimes a friend telling you some home truths can be the difference between getting out of an unhealthy relationship or letting it continue to ruin your life.

But generally speaking, the more you’re in touch with yourself, the more likely it is that you’ll make the right decision. If we constantly relied on other people’s advice and guidance in adult life, we wouldn’t be able to be our own person and would most likely end up in situations that just wouldn’t suit us at all.

Listen to what your friends have to say of course, as blocking out your friend’s opinion on your relationship entirely will never end well, but remember it’s down to you and only you know what’s best for you.

Remember that there are two people in a relationship and that it’s you that’s going to be with this person – not your friend. Their life experiences are going to be considerably different to yours and of course, they aren’t going to have the same feelings for your partner as you do.

Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Your true friends will be there for you to get through anything in the end but be careful not to rely on them too much when making drastic relationship decisions. It’s your life after all.

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