When we think of the beginning of Christmas, the first things that usually emerge into our busy lives are the well known and acclaimed adverts from the likes of John Lewis, Marks & Spencers, or the first glimpse of the renowned Coca-Cola truck boarded with sparkling lights.

Families up and down the country have been pouring their hearts out over the 2015 John Lewis advert for a fair few weeks now. Whether it was the innocence of the child, the lonely old man, or even just that one small tear drop that fell from the ‘man on the moons’ eye as he glared through the telescope – this advert was definitely up there with one of the best adverts John Lewis have produced at Christmas time.

However, there’s an advert out there that many of us have been oblivious of because it’s not been shown on UK television. The reason for this is because it’s in fact a German advert.

The company behind the advert was German supermakert Edeka, and lets just say they pulled out all the stops.

This advert displays emotions of sorrow, contentment and relief. But it doesn’t stop there, this clip also has another forceful monumental meaning behind it. This is one of thankfulness. It gives a discrete lesson to appreciate and love the family that you have and to cherish and  treasure the fundamental part of our lives that is often put to one side in our fast moving over occupied lives.

The roller coaster of emotions that this advert supplies are all small ingredients that emerge together and really do create the perfect recipe of bold Christmas spirit.

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