We’ve all been there, three hours deep in to Netflix and the pop up asks if you’re still watching, and all you can think is… what’s another 20 minutes?

At some point in life you will stumble upon a show that you just love – and suddenly, we know all about them, and in just the same way as when stalk people’s cousins on Instagram – we can’t admit we know as much as we do about our favourite characters.

Here is a list of four of the best:

  1. Modern Family
    Documentary style, quick-witted and loveable. This family dynamic is so real that you wish you could nip over to Sofia Vergara’s house and peek in to her wardrobe. After two seasons in two weeks I began referencing the characters’ sayings on a daily basis, and once you start doing that you’re almost part of the family anyway – right?
  2. The Middle
    What makes this so great is that they really are in the middle, the Hecks are just your average family. Minus the everlasting braces on their daughter Sue and the fact their son is named Brick… Everything that happens to them makes you wonder when their luck will turn, but there’s always a heart-warming family lesson to be learned from each episode – and if you liked that in Scrubs then be prepared to feel inspired again!
  3. Grey’s Anatomy
    If you haven’t already fallen for this, you probably will. Medicine and surgeries were never my idea of an easy watch, yet after two episodes I knew I would watch 200 if I had the chance. The relationships, dramas, and inspiring messages are always on point, this show will empower women everywhere (thank you Shonda Rhimes!)
  4. The US Office
    Michael Scott is the unconventional manager of this paper company, a paper company -What could be so great about that? Everything. That’s the answer. The employees of Dunder Mifflin become so engrained in your mind that you just want to be hired to work there too. This show will have you laughing each time without fail, and the character’s give you hope that all office environments could be so awesome.
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