When it comes to thinking about the new year, I always think about switching up my hair! I feel like it’s a refreshing change and brings confidence to your new and improved self! I know some people find it hard to go through change but I think it’s good to switch it up.

If you are considering a new hair style for the new year, then continue reading!

First of all, you need inspiration. Style, cut, colour… there are endless possibilities. Think about what you want and what you don’t want. Look on Instagram or Pinterest for some pictures, or have a read through some magazines and see what celebrities are sporting. It’s always good to have a clear visual or what you want.

Next step is actually looking for a hair salon. Salon’s can be quite pricey, so make sure you have a decent budget in mind and consider this when you are thinking of what you want done to your hair. Most salons offer student discount, so it’s worth double checking when you call for an appointment. Ask friends and family for recommendations, search on the internet for ratings and reviews – you need to find somewhere you can trust.

After you know exactly what you want done and you’ve found a salon, book yourself in. If you want to colour your hair, you would most likely need a consultation. You should take photos to show the stylist exactly what you want. The last thing you need is to be disappointed!

And finally, it’s time for your new look! I always like to switch up my look because it brings excitement into the new year. If you have always had long hair, don’t be afraid to get a super cute bob. Always had short hair? There are so many new solutions for extensions. The sky is your limit… be bold, be daring and go out of your comfort zone.

Good luck!

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