With a lot of deadlines approaching, I have been really struggling to sleep well and I’m sure many other students are with me on this one. Fear not, fellow students, I have found a solution!

When I haven’t slept well, I cannot be bothered to do anything fancy beauty-wise in the mornings. I have noticed a few little changes that I have made in my beauty and haircare routine, that make a huge difference and allow me to somewhat resemble a human being…

#1 Moisturise your face and lips
Nothing worse than feeling gross with chapped lips! Moisturising is not only a good habit to have, but also makes you look refreshed, even if you don’t feel so great.

#2 Concealer
It is going to be your best friend. Conceal those dark circles that have been developing since you basically started university and you’ll feel a lot better. This will lift your skin and make you look a little more put together.

#3 A bold lipstick
Whether its a pink, red or a daring plum shade – it’s going to help you look like you made an effort getting ready. I find that a bold lipstick helps draw attention away from those tired eyes and could also make you feel a little more glam.

#4 Mascara
It’ll open your eyes and create the alive look. This is a staple in my daily routine because it is so quick, easy and always makes the biggest difference.

#5 Wear your hair in a bun
Whether it is a sleek bun or a messy bun, they are both very fashionable at the moment, so you’ll always look chic with this hairstyle. I think it is very practical too since you don’t have to keep faffing around with your hair throughout the day.

And voila! You appear more alive now. Before I even did any of these tricks, I honestly think I was a mix between Hagrid from Harry Potter (without the facial hair) and Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black. Anyways, if you are up all night completing assignments or are feeling stressed and restless, you have to try these hacks in the morning so you look more awake!

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