Up until age 3 I was practically bald. This is probably the reason why from then on I grew my hair until it reached halfway down my thighs. It was a blessing in disguise. It was incredibly difficult to manage, but was definitely a rare thing to have. My mothers arms used to ache when putting it in a plait, therefore when I chopped it to hip length, I was very excited to do things with it. However, I quickly discovered how lazy I was, so here are some quick hacks to keep your locks in the best shape possible.

1. Dry shampoo is your best friend
If you have long thick hair you’ll know that washing it and drying it is a mega pain and can take forever. My favourite is the COLAB dry shampoo in New York scent as it works wonders and doesn’t smell funny like many dry shampoos. Use it before bed for best results.

2. Pat, don’t rub
When drying your hair try not to rub it with a towel as that creates frizz. Pat it dry instead.

3. Get yourself some hairspray
Another trick for getting bigger hair is to spray hairspray on your brush or on your hands and then run them through your hair. Doing this avoids making your hair crunchy when you accidentally spray too much in a certain spot. L’Oreal Elnette is my choice and is the simplest to work with. It makes life easier and your hair bouncier.

4. Use two hair bands
An idea I always do is to simply use two hair elastics when putting your hair in a pony, it lifts your pony higher and makes it look a little less flat. Simple yet ingenious.

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