There are so many new and fancy make up trends emerging each season, but unfortunately not all are as easy as they look to recreate. They can look gorgeous if done correctly but can look completely hideous if done wrong.

Here are some tips to help prevent you from looking like one of those sad-panda-clowns…

Orange foundation lines

They look tacky and instantly tell people you don’t know how to do your make-up. Always check you have the right colour, you don’t want to look too pale or too dark. As Goldilocks states, you want it “just right”. Oh and don’t forget to blend the edges. Use a foundation sponge or the edge of your finger to blend your foundation down into your neck for a more natural and professional look.

Corn-beef cheeks

When it comes to bronzer and blusher, as with foundation, make sure you blend! There’s nothing worse than corn-beef cheeks. I’d suggest applying it to the apple of your cheeks and blending upwards. Again, avoid a colour too drastic if you’re going for a more natural look.

Panda eyes

The hottest and most desired make up trend of the moment is the winged eye liner. Absolutely gorgeous if done right, scary if done wrong. Always practise before you decide to wear it out – practise makes perfect. I sadly have never been able to master this skill, so congratulations to anyone who can do it successfully. Also try to avoid the panda eyed look. Black under the eyes from smudged mascara or eye liner is never a good look.

Spider lashes

The main tip for false eye lashes is make sure they’re glued down properly. This may sound obvious, but so many people wander around town on a night out with a flappy eye lash. It sometimes can’t be helped, especially in the winter weather, but always take eye lash glue out with you so you can always glue your lashes back down and continue to look fabulous. Oh and don’t over do it on the mascara front – spider lashes are a big no-no.

Smudged lippy

I’m a big fan of bold and beautiful lipsticks, but always blot after applying lip products. Lipstick on your teeth or around the mouth is easy to prevent by gently kissing a tissue just after applying the product. Nobody wants to look like a Christmas clown with smudged lippy round their mush.

The most important thing with make up is to be adventurous. Try anything you want, but always practise first to help create the perfect look and these blunders won’t happen to you (few!)

P.s Always remember, whether you wear a little or a lot of make up, or even none at all – you’re beautiful 🙂

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