Every year there is a buzz around Christmas jumpers and the task of finding the perfect one can be hard. However here’s my list of the top 7 jumpers for women.

1) George – Christmas Countdown Jumper, £12

This jumper does what it says on the tin – counts down to Christmas. You can change the numbers on the top of the jumper so that you can change the numbers whenever you wear it. What better way to keep track of how many days there are to go!

2) H&M – Knitted Christmas Jumper, £12.99

H&M offer a selection of Knitted Christmas Jumpers but this one has 3 presents on it with 3D bows stuck on the presents. It’s a fun jumper and if you love presents at Christmas or class yourself as a present for someone you’ll love this jumper.

3) Primark – Advent Calendar Christmas Jumper, £14

Everybody loves an advent calendar over the festive period so why not have it on a jumper. Primark have come up with the clever idea of having 25 boxes on the jumper with little images behind each box.

4) Tesco F&F – Holly Pom Pom Long Line Christmas Jumper, £18

If you want something simplistic with a Christmas touch then this is a good choice for you.  With holly-berries and candy canes you can simply represent Christmas without going over the top.

5) New Look – Black December 25th Slogan Christmas Jumper, £19.99

This jumper uses the ideology that everyone hates mornings except from Christmas morning as it says ‘I only do mornings on December 25th’. This is a good one to have if you want a more serious look to your Christmas jumper.

6) Debenhams – Red Herring Red Christmas Penguins Jumper, £24

If you love penguins then this is the perfect jumper for you. There are two cute little penguins on the front with one wearing a bobble hat with a blue bobble on top. Perfect if you’re looking for a jumper with a cute factor.

7) BHS – Black Fluffy Christmas Tree Jumper, £28

If you like a good Christmas tree then this jumper is definitely for you. The black and white fluffy jumper is stylish yet comfy and is definitely going to keep you warm during the winter months.

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