There’s one type of body shape that is highly desired by people all over the world – The full hourglass. Only people like me who actually have this body shape will understand why it isn’t all that great.

  1. Getting jeans that fit your bum, and your legs at the same time is near impossible! Leggings and jeggings are the only suitable trousers.
  2. Skirts are a no no! It might fit your hips, but then you have this awful tent like situation going on after that point.
  3. Fitted shirts get you all the wrong attention. They fit wonderfully everywhere but your boobs, where you end up with a very awkward gap, and everyone can see your boobs.
  4. Trying to squeeze past a chair is great until your bum gets involved, because you end up dragging the chair half way across the room.
  5. Your hips are so much bigger than the rest of you, that walking through doors is a challenge. You think you’ve left enough room between yourself and the door frame, until you smash your hip bone and end up in a sprawled mess on the floor.

So, if you’re reading this to make yourself feel better about your body shape, I hope it’s worked. We really do hate our figure, just as you do. That is until we get a confidence boosting compliment on our bottom!

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