Winter is a Fashionistas favourite season with opportunities to experiment with layers and extra clothing in order to keep warm during this cold busy season. I’m going to talk about statement pieces that Fashionistas bring to light during these dark days…

1. The fur coat

An item most Fashionistas would own and flaunt is a fur coat, which is a very lavish yet flexible statement piece to have in your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear it with fancy clothes in fact I would say this fashion staple is better suited with a more minimalistic look as it can help bring drama to your whole outfit and keep you warm at the same time.

2. The floppy hat

This accessory can upgrade your outfit making you look put together even though you’re not. Especially during winter, lets face it we all have bad hair days it doesn’t help when the wind is very persistent making your hair look a hot mess. That’s the beauty of a floppy hat; it protects your hair from the wind and manages to make you look mature and sophisticated especially when paired with red lipstick.

3. The Oversized jumper

This is another item Fashionistas love to experiment with in terms of layering as they can wear vest tops underneath the oversized jumper and long trench coats paired with dark skinny jeans. This item is a must have as once you have escaped the freezing cold outside, you want to take your coat off and still look good and edgy indoors. The oversized jumper gives a casual yet edgy demeanour making you look fashion forward but in a simplistic way.

4. The Oversized scarf

When worn correctly this accessory screams Parisian chic, the oversized scarf helps to keep you warm whilst making you look effortlessly stylish. However I would have to say its best to pear the oversized scarf with chunky boots to help balance up the large scarf and make your outfit look more refined.

5. The ankle boots

Last but certainly not least the ankle boots, this item is so versatile and can be worn with jeans, dress and shorts you name it. This is a winter must have for Fashionistas as it manages to keep you warm whilst making your legs look great. Heeled ankle boots also give the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are and help to balance oversized accessories such as scarf’s or oversized coats.

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