‘It’s that time of the year again’ – Christmas party season is open! Online clothing retailers and windows in shopping centres are blinding us with sequins, sparkles and festive embellishments, usually on top of dashing mini dresses or brick red, cleavage revealing jumpsuits.

Wearing those to Christmassy get-togethers naturally won’t put your friends or partners in the state of shock – quite oppositely, sparkly and sexy is the way to look and feel throughout December, when ending one year and happily entering another.

Unfortunately, if you decide to wear your brand new, cut out golden party frock on the 25th, your Grandma might not think the same…

Don’t despair – we’ve got you… covered!

Here are three garments that can still put you in a festive mood and make you look absolutely stunning, without giving your Granny a heart attack on Christmas Day.

High neck

Before you utter an ‘ugh’ to the idea of wearing this seemingly unattractive piece on Christmas Day, you should consider that ‘high neck’ does not necessarily mean a fuzzy turtleneck jumper you would put on when going skiing. High necks are very in at the moment and can adopt various forms. A sparkly top or a tube dress with a higher neck will cover your cleavage from your family’s admonitory looks, giving you an opportunity to show off your legs and shape a bit more and still look fashionably on point!

Opaque tights

These guys will come in handy not just during family dinners, but whenever you feel like showing a bit of skin on the top half of your body without making the bottom part look bulky. Black opaque tights (burgundy or green is also great if you want your legs to get more attention and look Christmassy!) will not only keep you warmer but also turn any skater dress or a bodycon playsuit into a much safer and Christmas-table-appropriate outfit.

Lace elements

A bit of lace here and there will surely play tricks on your Grandma’s mind, as your bare skin will be covered with… see-through material. If you are a fan of camisole-style dresses, open backs or even extremely stylish co-ords that show off your midriff, you might want to look for pieces that shadow ‘nakedness’ with a bit of lace. It is a very sensual, romantic fabric that allows a bit more playfulness without actually exposing too much.

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