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So it has been raining for 6 days consecutively, it’s about 3 degrees and I’ve just bought my Christmas tree; I think all signs point to Winter.

If like me, you love buying new clothes to suit the changing seasons, then you probably already have your Winter wardrobe sorted. But if you’re still undecided as to exactly what you will need to see you through the cold December nights, than who better to give you advice than little old me, who lives in Yorkshire where it’s Winter 12 months a year.

Cable Knit Jumper/Cardigan
I’d suggest splashing out a little bit more on these because if you get a good enough quality jumper, it will last you years. For a perfect casual Wintry look pair with black skinnies, thigh boots and a puffa.

Black Boots
I cannot stress enough how important these are as they will save your feet when it rains or snows. Essential if you walk or use public transport as you can wear them to work, then change into your uniform when you arrive. Hooray for dry warm feet during a 10 hour shift. Black ankle boots are timeless and will match every outfit you wear this season.

Blanket Scarf
What’s not to love about blanket scarves? Keeps you warm when you’re on the move, and can be wrapped around you on long train journeys or when you’re in the library late cramming in last minute work. I have found myself sitting on the bus with one fully wrapped around me looking not too dissimilar to Luke Skywalker when he’s sleeping in the Tauntaun for warmth.

Adventum UniAcco

The Christmas Jumper
I know what you’re thinking, but Dene you’ve already mentioned jumpers, but fear not dear readers, for Christmas jumpers are in a category of their own. You can go two ways with festive clothing: casual chic with little hints of the holidays, like snowflakes or stars on soft cashmere OR all out with the bright green knits donning Rudolph with a flashing red light for a nose. However, both are brilliant and will make people smile wherever you go.

I hope these have helped you to decide on your wardrobe for the coming months. If you can think of any other Winter essentials, be sure to leave me a comment!

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