The modern office of 2015 is a relaxed, open-plan environment, awash with a litany of welcome distractions from the drabness of day to day life. You’ve got the internet at your fingertips, free tea and coffee, and the inanity of co-workers talking about Gogglebox distracting you away from whatever Microsoft Office related task you’ve scheduled to work on. And it works, because this relaxed environment makes it a joy to come to work and encourages you to give it your all. So how do you go about getting an office where performance will increase? Let’s see…

It makes sense to rearrange your office space to be a cohesive environment – that means departments that work closely together should be within a stone’s throw, but the more studious departments such as accountants shouldn’t be next to loud and boisterous sales. While the open-plan office has become the defacto layout, you may see more sense in offering pods, especially if your staff are on the phone often, as these offer soundproofing and privacy.

If you want a better performing office, it helps to iron out all the little kinks that are causing some staff disgruntlement. By having an open-door policy, or at least an anonymous suggestion box, it allows you to put plans and actions in place to ensure everyone is satisfied and their feedback is appreciated.

Nothing is worse than running out of stationary and supplies, as it can put an important job on hold or lead to disgruntlement as pens and staplers start to go walkies away from their rightful owners. Having an office manager or receptionist to look after the stationary supplies, along with using a flexible and reliable supplier such as Egan Reid, will ensure that stock levels are maintained and recorded and orders are placed in a timely fashion.

It’s vital that your staff are comfortable and supported when it comes to office furniture, as you don’t want them being at the risk of back problems, carpal tunnel, or repetitive strain injury. Ergonomic seating and accessories, such as wrist-support mouse pads, can go a long way to ensuring your staff remain in tip top shape.

Casual Friday
If you insist that your staff dress smart for work week-by-week, allowing them to let their hair down and ‘be themselves’ once a week can go a long way to boosting the Friday feeling. You’ll be amazed at the jump in morale which implementing a Casual Friday policy can bring.

No one wants to feel like they’re working in a cupboard, especially with autumn and winter approaching and bringing with it sniffles and illness at every turn. Taking advantage of natural light, fresh air (or air conditioning if you must) and a decent view can go a long way to minimising stress and maximising output. A fish tank and some plants can also help to make for a more relaxed atmosphere and provide a great talking point.

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