It’s that time of year again. Christmas. The end of the first term at uni is coming to end, it’s almost time to go home and forget work for at least a few days.

If you’re anything like me you’ll do anything to avoid doing that work you promised yourself you’d do two weeks ago. It’s so easy to avoid doing uni work. There’s a lot more to do that would be so much more fun. Even cleaning your room and colour coordinating everything seems like the better option at this point.

So, if you’re used to putting off that work and procrastinating then hold on as I have some tips which might help.

Firstly, force yourself to organise in advance. Take little steps towards completing your projects. It is hard but even setting aside half an hour will help once you put your mind to it. So, keep a diary of what you can do everyday each week and stick to it.

Work away from home. The truth is, when you’re at home it’s easy to get distracted and start doing things that really shouldn’t be taking priority. Go somewhere quiet, take some snacks and get to work!

Next, don’t watch TV or YouTube whilst doing work because it’s the biggest distraction. The last thing you need is to hand in your work late because you got distracted by Coronation Street  (I don’t think your tutors would tale that as a reasonable excuse).

Honestly, uni isn’t easy when you get distracted by everything, but it’s not impossible. Set yourself targets and goals every week and use any time off to complete uni tasks. Remember, it’s better to get work checked multiple times to get the grade you want! Think about where you want to be once you’ve finished uni and what needs to be in order to achieve your dream.

Procrastination might seem good at the moment but it won’t pay off.

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