Putting out the bins, filling up with petrol, tidying your room, paying rent… we all hate doing these things, but we know these are things we all have to do at some point or another. Unfortunately for me, I was renting student accommodation in Guildford for my final year of uni. Guildford is only a stone’s throw away from London and, consequently, the cost of rent is extremely high. After bills, my monthly rent was about £530 per month! So, after working out what that is over the course of the 12 month tenancy agreement, I thought I’d find out what I could have bought myself with all that money if I had saved it all up.

Five nights at The Ritz, breakfast included, plus champagne and wine – £6000

That would’ve been nice, wouldn’t it? 5 nights at the iconic Ritz hotel in London at their finest Picadilly Suite. Only a little over £6000 in total.

A 2006 Lexus IS – £5999

This would be a pretty luxurious upgrade to my fairly beaten up 2004 Seat Ibiza hatchback!

An 89 night cruise from England to the Far East – £4800

Departing from Southampton and heading through destinations including Lisbon, Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Columbo, Sri Lanka and Mumbai. Would have nearly £2000 to spare, too!

Fly first class from London to Sydney – £4200

Have you seen the first class cabins on planes these days?! It’s almost like the airline is rubbing it in your face, making you walk past the luxurious first and business class cabins before you get to Economy, with the rest of the peasants, where they give you a few inches of leg room and a chair that reclines back approximately one centimetre. First class to Sydney would be a dream! They’d struggle to get me off the plane…

A 79 inch Ultra HD Smart TV – £4999

Okay, this probably wouldn’t fit in my bedroom but it would be cool to say I’ve got one, right? A thousand quid spare to spend on a home entertainment system, too.

A top of the range treadmill – £5000

Christmas is coming up and I’m planning on putting on a bit of excess weight that needs to be shoved in January. Don’t act like you’re not thinking the same!

My dream guitar – £6215

I just bought a guitar, and I love it. But it’s only worth about £800 in comparison to this one! It’s the same brand, but the most expensive one at offer in my nearest guitar store *sigh*

A pair of top of the range skis and top range snowboard – £3850

It would give me an excuse to go on a ski season, too.

A pair of boxing shorts signed by Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier – £5995

Because eBay is a wonderful thing.

A rare Charizard Pokemon Card – £6589

Again, because of eBay. A little bit over budget but who wouldn’t want to spend 6 and a half thousand quid on a collectible card that went out of fashion 15 years ago?

So there we go. 10 random things that I could’ve afforded with all the money I spent on rent in my final year of uni!

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