As the weather is only set to get colder and winter nights seem to be drawing in faster than ever, the age old problem of soaring energy bills will be on the minds of many students.

If you’re the one in your house constantly turning down the dial or nagging everyone to wear an extra jumper, it can be tempting just to give in and crank the heating up – but there are ways around it. There are plenty of little hacks you can use to keep yourself warm and keep the thermostat down.

1. Close the curtains!

It may seem silly, but heat escapes through windows and so closing the curtains can help you to keep it locked in. No matter how thin your curtains are, they will make a difference so make sure you close them as the evenings draw in.

2. Put the kettle on

Okay, so this might be my solution to everything, but when you’re feeling a little chilly there is nothing better for warming you up than a tea or coffee. Guaranteed to warm you up inside and out.

3. Stop the draught

If you’re sat in a draughty room blocking up the bottoms of the doors can make a big difference when it comes to keeping the heat in and the cold out. You don’t have to splash out on expensive draught excluders either, a rolled up towel will do the job just fine.

4. Hot water bottles

These are a saviour if you’re feeling the chill, and far cheaper than cranking up the heating or using a money-sucking electric blanket. When its really cold, pop your hot water bottle in your bed for an hour before you turn in so its all toasty and warm when you’re ready for sleep!

5. Shut the door!

This may seem obvious but it is amazing how much heat is lost from leaving doors wide open. Obviously, any external doors should be shut, but don’t forget the ones inside the house too as this can help you save on heating rooms you’re not even using.

6. Layer up

Again, an obvious one, but remember that it is winter and if you are strutting around the house without a jumper, your heating is probably too high! Plus, as it gets closer to Christmas it is the perfect time to break out the tacky Christmas jumper, right?

These are just a few ways that you can save on the heating bills over the colder months. Above all, remember that it is important to stay warm and cosy but that you’ll thank yourself when the bills come through the door if you pop on an extra pair of socks now!

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