Whether you’re a Made in Chelsea fanatic or you couldn’t care less about a group of posh youngsters, the desire to live the life of the super-rich is a student’s wish. Especially if you’ve maxed out your overdraft and are living off soup and bread, and start to question the price of milk and cheese.

Wouldn’t you just love to grab a cup of freshly grinded coffee while catching up on all the gossip, or turning up to a red carpet themed party with the most recherché outfit. As a student, window shopping becomes more arduous than ever.

So if you have had enough of forever feeling envious of the Chelsea lifestyle, here are some tips on how to live the life of a loaded student, without cleansing your bank account.

Starbucks without the ‘bucks’
If you are craving a calorie-filled mocha, a coffee flask, coffee, milk and chocolate sauce is all you need. Buy a funky looking coffee flask from Primark, all under £5 and never leave the house without it. Then fill it with coffee and squirt some chocolate sauce, add boiling water and stir thoroughly. Add milk, and if you’re in the mood to delve into a sweet-coma, then add marshmallows topped with more chocolate sauce.

EBay is your saviour
You may not be invited to a royal themed party event, but you will dress up at least once while at uni. So when you can only afford to spend £5 on an outfit, EBay offers plenty of cheap and cheerful buys.

Bella Italia date at home
There’s nothing worse than the piquant smell of hot food on an empty stomach, after a never-ending lecture on a cold winter’s day. But if pasta and wine is what you endeavour, then spend your shopping hours in Lidl, because you can create your very own Bella Italia at home. My favourite is the tagliatelle pasta complemented by a glass of white wine.

Mani-Pedi made easy
Instead of spending £25 to get your nails done, spend five minutes watching YouTube videos on how to get professional looking nails. Always works for me.

Get blow-dried hair without blowing out your bank balance
Big, bouncy waves are always in vogue, and anyone can pull it off. Section your hair into about four sections, tie each one into a bun, and then use hair spray for a firm hold. Leave it overnight, then let it out when you wake up and brush through. This usually works on all hair types.

Pamper yourself no matter how broke you are
Superdrugs facemasks only cost £1 and can work wonders to tackle dull skin. If you are envious of glowing, radiant skin, Superdrugs offer facemasks for all skin problems and skin types.

Student nights out are a blessing
As a student, clubbing will be cost-effective, and you will still get hideously drunk. The best tip I can give you is to not bring your credit card out with you, because drunk you will forget that money is an issue. Get ‘wasted’ at pre-drinks and only pay entry fee when you get to the club, and maybe only buy one mixer when you’re out. You can still embarrass yourself, for less than £10.

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