As a nation we are becoming more and more body conscious with a new craze developing of looking “hench.” I caught up with 19-year-old body builder in the making, Amar who is currently studying Sports Management at Manchester University. Being a devoted member of the gym, I wanted to ask him about this new phenomenon.

Hi Amar, thanks for speaking to us! So how long have you been training for?

Hey! No problem. Well I’d say I’ve been training seriously for the last two years, but on and off for the last three and a half.

What made you want to get into body-building? Was it to get the girls?

Funnily enough it wasn’t about the girls. When I was younger everyone would tease me for being too skinny and bony, so one day I just thought to myself, ‘I want to be big.’ I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book, and I was in the gym straight away.

So you’re a big Arnie fan then – is that who you want to look like?

I think he’s a great role model for those who want to get into body building. He said when he was younger he wanted to achieve three things. One was to appear in movies, the next was to become a body building champion and the third was to get into politics. He’s absolutely smashed each goal, and it is inspirational. I’d love to look like him, although it would take me years!

So what have you done in the past two years to look the way you do currently?

To begin with I went into the gym thinking I want to lift really heavy weights and just get massive, but it doesn’t work like that. It is really important to be knowledgeable about what you are doing to your body. I’m always reading articles and books on health and fitness. I have built up a good strong diet, and I push myself to work hard in the gym, but not so hard that I injure myself.

So what kind of advice would you give someone who is skinny, and wants to become bigger?

I’d say diet is the main thing; a lot of the body-builders I’ve met have agreed that diet is 70% of the process. So, a lot of protein and carbs, and cut out the greasy fat foods. Don’t completely cut anything out of your diet, it’s good to have things in moderation to maintain a healthy balanced diet.  In terms of weights, start light because you’ll only end up injuring yourself if you go straight to heavy. Your muscles will tear and will need time to repair so have rest days. Spending every day of the week in the gym isn’t always good for you.

Thanks for talking to us, any last words of wisdom?

Sure, main points are; knowledge, diet and motivation. Don’t expect to see miracles overnight, body-building can take years, just be sensible!

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