Everyone has heard of the famous myth ‘freshers flu’ and I am pretty sure 99.9% of you have suffered from it. But I’ll let you into a secret, you can get ill even when you aren’t a fresher…

There is nothing worse when you are sat in bed wrapped up in ten layers still shivering because you are too poor to pay for the heating! Surrounded by snotty tissues and mugs of honey and tea which apparently makes you feel better, I’m still not convinced on that one. All you want is a hug from your mum, but a Skype call will have to do, your emotions are all over places because all you want is a bath, and cant stop thinking about it.

You are contemplating to hibernate for the rest of the year, but some how muscle up the strength to venture out to the local shop to get the list of tablets your mum sent you, but first things first get that tub of Ben and Jerry’s which is bound to make you feel better, along with the lemsip that you have to force down, its not quite the same as forcing down a shot of vodka.

A couple of days have past and you still feel ill you are questioning if you are ever going to be well enough to go to the party at the end of the week? So you do all you can no matter what to cost to feel better, starting by turning that heating on full!

There is light at the end of the tunnel, you start to feel your self again and on the mend of recovery, unfortunately you’ve past the cold onto your flat mates, but don’t worry at least you feel better! But don’t relax too much it’s a vicious circle and will soon be back again once each and every flat mate has been ill – how lovely!

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