There is nothing worse when, upon arriving to the airport, you hear that your flight is delayed. You have hours to kill until you are allowed to board, and let’s be honest, airports aren’t the funniest places in the world. So here are a few things you should consider doing if you’re unlucky enough to have your flight delayed.

Now let’s be sensible with this one. If you get too drunk you won’t be allowed to board the flight, but a few pre-holiday drinks never hurt anyone. And it definitely is a great way to take the edge of hanging around the departures lounge for hours on end.

2. People Watch
Airports are a great place to people watch. Stressed out parents, rowing couples and even groups of teens about to experience their first ever holiday away from the family. And with a few hours to spare you are bound to see all sorts of mayhem.

3. Have A Food Fest
You may have noticed during previous trip to airports they are full of places to eat. And what a great way to pass the time than eating at as many of these food outlets as possible. Burgers, pasta, sushi, you can have it all.

4. Relax
Flying can be stressful and adding a flight delay into the mix can definitely make things so much worse. So why not spend some time relaxing before you fly? Have a go in one of those fancy massage chairs, or do one better and actually treat yourself to a massage or pedicure at one of the kiosks around the terminal.

5. Puzzles
You may find this idea a little boring but they really are excellent ways to pass the time. Especially if you’re a little on the competitive side. Pick from crosswords, Sudoku or even word searches, the list is endless.

6. Window Shop
To be honest, airports are the most student friendly of places. And unless you have a lot of spare cash, shopping is out of the question. But whose to say you can’t spend time window shopping? Browse the make-up and perfume counters, flick through the books at WHSmith and laugh at all the terrible souvenirs on offer.

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