With an increase of families living in towns and cities away from each other, the feeling of Christmas togetherness has become increasingly important. From this societal trend, transport comparison website GoEuro have analysed UK’s travel rush over December and put together a great graph showing travel influxes over the month.

Overall, we start to see strong travel peaks around the 18th of December and Boxing Day. Whether that is due to Brits not able to stand family members for more than a week or moving on to see other sides of the family – we also notice a peak in air travel on the 26th which gives a strong suggestion that many travellers fly abroad for the new year.

GoEuro also gathered some interesting statistics uncovering the UK’s festive habits. Keen to know how many litres of wine the country will be consuming? How many mince pies will be wolfed down or how much we spend on average for Christmas? Then take a look below or on the GoEuro website for the full animation.

UK_1 jpeg

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