With December finally here and Christmas approaching fast, delaying buying gifts is no longer an option. But what about that one person who is difficult to buy for? The one who is stuck in their youth and refusing to embrace adult life? Well fear not, because below is a list of 12 gifts that will make adult life a little bit more bearable or at least appeal to their inner child.

1. Virtual Reality 3D Headset – £14.99 I Want One of Those.com

Compatible with most smart phones, the virtual reality headset lets you experience your favourite video games and movies in 3D. Just clip your phone in to the device, place the strap around your head and you’re ready to go! There are even plenty of free apps to download to get you started.

2. Mop Slippers – £4.99 The Naff Gift Shop

What’s the most boring thing that adults have to do? The answer is obviously cleaning. There are so many other things you could be doing, but that floor won’t clean itself, until now! Well, not entirely by itself, but if you wear these slippers while going about your daily business, you can clean as you go!

3. Retro Slush Maker – £42.99 Zavvi.com

Relive your favourite childhood drink, the ice slush! In just 15 minutes, this machine turns your favourite drink into an icy slush! There are also some great alcoholic slush recipes on Pinterest. It even has a tap so you can directly pour it into your glass and holds 4 servings. (Bonus points if you manage to get one of these in your office or work place).

4. Ostrich Pillow – £15 Bonanza Market

No, it’s not a pillow with an ostrich on! The Ostrich Pillow is the ultimate napping accessory, and who doesn’t love to nap? Featuring head and arm holes, the Ostrich Pillow allows you to comfortably nap ANYWHERE. It may not be the coolest looking thing, but neither is drooling, which this will definitely disguise. Keep one in your locker or briefcase to nap during your commute or lunch hour.

5. Pillow Tie – £9.99 LazyBone.com

Or, if you want something a little bit more discreet, this pillow tie is a great option for napping on the job. To the unsuspecting onlooker, you are just wearing a usual tie. But, when their back is turned, a few quick breaths and this tie inflates into a comfortable head rest!

6. Adult Duelling – £29.99 MenKind

Struggle to negotiate whose turn it is to do the dishes? Not any more! This inflatable adult duelling set lets you resolve such issues in the best way possible, a good old fashioned duel.

7. Realistic Chocolate Spanner – Start at £10.99 IJustLoveIt.co.uk

Don’t want to embarrass the person who does not want to grow up? Then trick everyone into thinking you’ve bought them a very grown up present. These chocolate tools are extremely realistic, meaning a double win for the recipient who not only gets to keep their pride, but the chocolate too!

8. Adult Colouring Book – From £5.99 WHSmith

The joy of colouring is no longer just for children, many adults are now picking up the felt tips in a bid to relieve stress. W H Smith sells a variety of colouring books which are perfect to release your inner child (pillow fort not included). Choose from enchanted forest themes, or even tattoo inspired designs!

9. Adult Space Hopper – £8.99 The Gift and Gadget Store

A favourite back in the 80s and still a timeless classic, the space hopper is the ultimate toy for any adult who refuses to grow up. This one is adult sized and in the original orange colour with smiley face detailing. Refuse to embrace the modern technology of the Segway board, and bounce your way from a to b! Warning: People will probably laugh at you and it’s not the quickest way to travel to work.

10. 3 in 1 Luggage Scooter – £299. 95 Micro Scooters.co.uk

Quite a pricey item, but it definitely deserves a place on the list. But what is a Micro Scooter? I hear you ask. It’s not a tiny scooter, that’s for sure. Imagine a suitcase and a scooter combined, and there you have the Micro Scooter. Originally designed for hand luggage and travelling, the Micro Scooter allows you to store your belongings. However, instead of carrying it like a traditional suitcase, the Micro Scooter has a built in Kick Board which allows you to scoot along instead!

11. Candy Grabber – £22.99 Zavvi.com

Remember those fun filled days at the seaside, a stick of rock in your hand as you played on the grabber machines to try and win a toy? Well now you can have all that fun in your own home! Just fill it with your favourite sweets or small treats and insert the plastic coins to play.

12. Indoor Snowballs – £10.99 The Present Finder

And finally, a Christmas themed gift that will thrill any adult with a childish side- indoor snowballs! This kit contains 14 realistic snowballs which are all the fun of a snowball fight with none of the mess!

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