For teenagers, like me and…maybe perhaps you, Social Media is the real way we know when we’re over someone. When we know that we’ve put them behind us, and that we’re ready to move onto a different chapter of our lives.

How do we know? Through the 6 degrees of Social Media Separation!

1- ‘The Clear out’
After having them as your best friend on Snapchat, their direct messages and notifications saved on your Twitter and their comments all over your Facebook and Instagram page for what feels like forever, you finally make the cut and press the delete button. We go through the process of un-following and un-friending, making it so we can no longer see them online. We can do without those painful reminders of them.

2- ‘The Regret’
It’ll slowly dawn on you that since you made that rash move of deleting them from your social media, you now have no clue of what their up to. Has there been any drastic change to their lives? Has the break up had any affect at all? Are they seeing anyone else? The regret has never felt more real.

3- ‘The Nostalgia’
The pictures are next. You may have deleted all your cute couple photos from your phone, but you didn’t have the heart to remove them from your Facebook or Instagram page yet. You’ll maybe spend a minute or two flicking through them, or if you’re someone like me, you’ll spend a good part of a half hour reminiscing the past, and then the next half hour chiding yourself for doing so.

4- ‘The stalking’
I think ‘detailed observation’ is a better term fort this. But we all do it. We regret getting rid of them on social media and we’re so curious to know what they’ve been up to that some of us will go to any lengths to find out. The sly checking up on mutual friends twitter pages, or sneakily looking at someone else’s Snapchat stories, some of us (I think we all know its me at this point) may even try and add them back on social media. Desperate measures!

5- ‘Further closer stalking’
And then it happens. We see them with someone else, and now we want to know whom. This brings on the stalking of your ex’s new counterpart, and you attempt to find him/her on any social media you can. Bring on the wasted hours of looking through their Facebook pictures and tweets.

6- ‘The Over’
It’s been a while, and you’ve realised something. Something important. You’ve stopped checking his/hers Facebook page and you no longer feel anything when their new Instagram picture comes up.

You’ve done it. That’s when you know you’ve reached the 6 degrees of social media separation!

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