Ah seminars. While they’re useful to help you get into grips with whatever topic you probably fell asleep through in a lecture, they are most of the time, very boring. Although the people who make up your seminar can make it very interesting sometimes!

Here are 6 people you’re likely to have in your seminars.

1. The one who talks a lot

They also tend to go off topic at times, but hey, as long as your seminar teacher is focused on them, it’s all good right? At least he or she won’t be picking on you!

2. The one who’s completely silent

This could be due to two things: One, they’re far too hungover or sick to answer any of the questions your seminar teacher is firing out. Two, which is arguably one of the most common reasons why they’re so silent, is because they haven’t done the work. Good luck trying to hide in the background buddy!

3. The one who came prepared

This one comes in with their notes all written out, sometimes highlighted if they had that bit of extra time. They’ve also done all of the required reading so you can be sure they know the answer to whatever your seminar teacher is going to ask next.

4. The one your teacher likes to pick on

Either your teacher doesn’t like them very much, likes them so much that they think they’ll have a bit of banter during the seminar, or just wants to weed out who hasn’t actually done the work.

5. The one with the laptop

All you can hear from this one is the constant clack of the keyboard, as they try to look busy so that your teacher won’t pick on them. At least they’ve got a laptop to hide behind right?

6. The one who’s on the register but doesn’t actually show up

You’ve maybe seen this person once or twice. Unless you’ve been paired with them for a group project, their absence doesn’t really bother you does it?

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