We’ve all encountered them; the quintessential male wolf pack strutting around campus. I’m sure you’ve got a certain group of them in your head right now as you just read the words.

But, on the other hand, maybe you’re thinking ‘that’s what I want to be!’ In which case, here’s a few tips on making you sure you’re the ultimate university lad!

1. Get the ‘quiff’

The absolute must-have hairstyle for any male student. Whack out the hairspray and get styling! Or if you want to go one better, shave the rest of your head to get that perfect iced gem look.

2. Go for a cheeky Nando’s

Every lad will tell you that the only place to go socialize with your mates is Nando’s. Tasty butterfly chicken, top banter, is there anything more masculine?

3. Buy yourself some sick sports gear

JD, Sports Direct, wherever you want! Just make sure you’ve got some cosy trackies, a snapback, and even a matching hoodie if you’re feeling like a true lad. Every male on campus will look on in envy.

4. Become the king of Beer Pong

Be the ball! Master this drinking game and you will easily be the king of any squad at your pre-drinks.

5. Flash your sports knowledge

Loudly. At any time. Appropriate or not. To anyone. Make sure you relate everything in life to sports as well, even if it has nothing to do with it.

6. Plan the perfect lad’s holiday

Magaluf, Zante, Sunny Beach. The absolute goals for any group of male pals gearing up to let loose. Don’t forget the embarrassing matching tattoos that you’ll probably regret forever!

7. Get the cheap shots in.

It may taste like paint stripper, but who cares?! Nothing will earn your mates approval like taking one for the team and dipping your hand in your pocket for crappy Jager Bombs.

8. Finally, tell the whole world about your sex life.

Okay, maybe not the WHOLE world (I’m pretty sure your mum and Auntie Brenda aren’t interested), but at least tell a decent amount of people. Kiss and tell is just no fun, right?

Simple, right?

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