That lost feeling. We all get it when term ends.

It’s the end of term, the deadlines are over, you’re finishing those last few exams and at long last it’s nearly time to go home and celebrate Christmas.

If you’re like me and you’re used to constantly having one thing after another to do, either with uni, work or those extra things you do alongside, then you will find it odd to just stop and realise that you actually don’t have anything you urgently need to do.

You have free time, for you. And there it is, that lost feeling.

So here are a few ideas to make the most of your precious free time.

Catch up on your favourite TV shows. There’s nothing worse than hearing everyone saying ‘oh my god did you watch last night’s episode of [place your favourite show here]’ and not being able to join in because you were sat revising. Well now is the perfect opportunity to catch up. If you’re miles behind make a night of it, grab some snacks, stick on your jammies and get watching!

Christmas shopping/crafts. If you’ve been too caught up in work to appreciate that Christmas is quickly approaching, and you’re not quite feeling the festivities, now’s the time! Go do a spot of Christmas shopping. If you’re the crafty kind get on Pinterest and think up some ideas for festive things you can make, it’s always a great way to unwind.

Organise an outing. Have you felt like a bit of a recluse recently? Been stuck in the deep dark corners of your room, or worse the library? Then get out there! You’re free now you have no excuse. Get your pals together and go for a meal, go to the cinema or organise a night out. Get your social life back, it’s good for your health.

Do something you love. When you’re at uni it’s a fact that the things you love to do, unfortunately have to take a back-seat. So much so you sometimes forget what it is you love to do. So rekindle your old hobbies, reading, writing, drawing, playing guitar, whatever it is get to it.

Catch up with friends you haven’t seen/spoke to in a while. Remember those people you spent most of your younger days with at school? Yeah I know it’s been a while. It’s okay though, people understand that you’re busy and have a lot on. But now you have a bit of time give them a ring, set up a Skype call and have a good old catch up. It’s always good talking to old friends – no matter how long it’s been it always feels like nothing has changed.

Just enjoy it. Last but by no means least, just enjoy the fact that you have free time. Even if in that free time you do absolutely nothing. That’s fine, as long as you enjoy it. Pretty soon you’ll have to get back to revising and doing work for when you return in January. So for now, have fun, enjoy Christmas and love the freedom of doing whatever you may want.

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