Relationship season is here and if you haven’t managed to secure a partner/bae/angelface to cuddle you when the temperatures plummet to -12 degrees, you will need to find other ways of staying warm. If you are single AND you live with sadistic humans who will refuse to turn on the heating despite you having to wear ear muffs and a onesie to bed just to stay alive, please print out the following list and put it above your bed, so you can refer to it often.

Increase your mocha intake
Mocha is basically liquid love. Yet unlike real love, it won’t give you grief or place loads of demands on you. Mocha is just there for you and it understands. Just get a spoon of coffee, 3 spoons of hot chocolate (I recommend Options Belgian hot chocolate) and a dash of milk in your favourite mug. No need to thank me.

Get yourself an Electric blanket and lay on it
The day my mother brought up an electric blanket was one of the most poignant days of my life. You can adjust the settings so you are snuggly in bed at the most perfect temperature. The only danger however, is that it makes waking up for lectures a zillion time harder. Infact, you need an understanding housemate on hand to physically drag you out of bed.

Wrap yourself in Faux fur coat
Fur coats are great. A fur coat can turn your plainest, jane-est outfit and transform you into a fashionista that regularly gets stopped to pose for #streetstyle pics for Instagram. To up your game in the fashion stakes, opt for a pastel fur coat. Chose mint, or baby pink and team with a matte nude lip shade. Or, go for a patchwork fur coat, which is very seventies rock and roll and Queen Moss would approve. Fur coats are very now, dahling, which is brilliant news, because as well as looking nice, they also are unbelievably warm. Two birds with one stone, that.

Attempt the squat challenge
Okay this one requires actually getting up and moving, but hear me out. Exercise will get you sweaty and warm, to the point where you will have to open a window. ‘Bit hot in ‘ere aint it’ you will whinge. Your housemates will be confused, because even though they are a bit mean with the heating, any kind of window opening is just too far. So, get yourself a little yoga mat, find a YouTube exercise tutorial and burn baby burn.

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