We all get those gifts that you’ve seen time and time again – socks, body lotions and shower gel (is that a hint?).

It’s easy to find them repetitive and maybe a little bit boring, but don’t forget family can still pull out the big guns and that’s when it’s a really nice surprise – because in reality, we can have Christmas gifts any time of year.

As we get older and find ourselves in the 9-to-5 jobs with responsibilities, the occasional trip to MAC or a new jumper from Topshop become treats for ourselves throughout the year, so when it comes to the 25th – we’re stumped for ideas.

But what about the little things we don’t always love to buy, well now we don’t need to! And we need socks for that new pair of winter boots anyway don’t we? We’re lucky we can be treated to the little things, the essential pampering items that mum knows you need.

Pick-me-ups are handy all year, and Christmas is really the biggest one of all – but not for that new handbag – it’s about the family, the festivities and definitely the mountains of food.

All those little things are given in good spirit, so this way the next time we see a present wrapped around one of those awkward moisturiser pumps, or find the familiar squidgy small clothing item under the tree we know we’ve really stumbled upon a classic.

So here’s a new way to think about your average pair of socks: it’s tradition!

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