Student life isn’t as easy as everyone cracks it out to be. When people make those jokes ‘ah uni is just an excuse to not get a job’ and ‘you don’t do work you just party’ they are largely basing their laughs on those stereotypes everyone has of us students.

But for the most of us they’re not entirely true. Yeah we go out and party, but it’s usually well-deserved after slaving over deadlines, not sleeping for a week, and working non-stop to be able to afford our weekly shop.

With university, social life, work, money, and everything else life throws at you, sometimes everything can get a bit much.

The key to staying on top and not drowning under stacks of paper and emotions is to stay as organised as possible.

Get a diary – This is the number one rule. Have a diary, either on your phone or one you can handwrite in. This will become your bible. If you can spare just a few seconds of your day to write in the deadlines and important dates then that’s one less thing to have to store in your mind and stress over when you forget.

To do lists – For me writing a to-do list for the day really helps. To be able to see what I need to do on a list in front of me helps focus my mind and make sure I don’t forget anything. It’s also really satisfying when you tick everything off and can throw it away at the end of the day.

Plan ahead – I know not everyone is the planning ahead type but trust me, it’s a saviour. If you know you have a deadline but it’s not too close to stress about and you’ve got bit of time on your hands, get an early start. Being well ahead of your work definitely reduces stress. It also means you don’t have to spend 3 straight days and nights in the library getting it all done. Don’t procrastinate!

Budget – If you’re like me and are dreadful with money then this is a must. Plan what you have to spend per week, per day if you have to so you don’t get to the end of term and have no money. It’s a nightmare. Having 30p Tesco Value noodles for tea for two weeks is not the best lifestyle choice…trust me.

Have fun –  As important as it is to get everything done, it’s also vital for your sanity that you give yourself a bit of time to have some fun. Go on a night out with your friends, go shopping, go to the gym, do whatever you do that helps you chill out. If you deny yourself that it’s just going to make everything worse. Been there and it’s not pleasant.

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