The phrase “I’m in a long distance relationship”, when mentioned, can be met with an array of frankly awkward answers. Some people find it fitting to respond with a pitiful, elongated “aaaaawh”, whilst others bluntly say “what’s the point?” For many students, the university world of sex, drinking and partying until the early hours doesn’t mix with the patience, maturity and level of compassion required for a ‘LDR’.

Others believe that newly required independence can be cut short by a long distance lover by constant phone calls, Skype sessions and texting back and forth until the early hours. Friends may think you’re missing out on all the highs and lows of university by not wanting to be with a ‘Rugby Lad’ or experiment with your social life. But despite the poor opinions of a long distance relationship, some students can cope with the challenges of the several hundred miles between them and their loved one. So how do they manage?

Being a member of the ‘long distance club’, I know all the challenges thrown your way by maintaining a healthy relationship. I had to leave behind my beloved boyfriend, an Electrical Engineer, back in Yorkshire to fend without me. As tough as all relationships may seem; having someone to share your special moments with can be the most rewarding of all. So, to all the couples out there who are thinking: “What’s the point?” Here are my personal tips on how to compromise with your other half:

Communication: As simple as this may sound, this is essentially the most important part of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Make sure you have time apart in your day to chat about what you have been up to, and how things are going. Just hearing their voice can lighten up your day, and make things a little easier.

Honesty: It is CRUCIAL that you’re honest with you other half about how you’re feeling. If you want a long-winded rant or a sullen sob down the phone, your other half should be a text away. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.

Enjoy your independence: Believe it or not, being away from your loved one can come with a few benefits. For example, you’re less likely to bite your their head off and it gives you the freedom to focus on your studies or social life.

Trust:  It is so easy to get jealous over silly situations when you’re not in each others company. If you cannot be trusting, the relationship can throw parallels to a ‘Vegas wedding’: doomed from the start. Blunt accusations and paranoid thoughts can frankly tear a relationship apart.

Truthfully, all relationships need work whether your other half is sleeping next to you in halls, or living half way across the country. There are traps in every situation, but as long as you’re committed and truly love each other, anything can work.

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