With christmas round the corner, we’re all very eager to know what the bearded man in the big red suit has bought us. Whether you’ve been good or bad this year, you’re going to get something you either truly love or something thats going to sit under your bed for a very long time- we’ve all been there.

But what does a student really want this time of year? (if money were really no object and all)

Number 1

With the first semester of University over, how deep have you fallen into your overdraft? For christmas I think we would all be very thankful to have the burden of our overdrafts cleared, please santa.

Number 2

Never having to attend a 9am ever again. I mean who is even awake that early on a Monday morning?

Number 3

A personal maid to do all your washing up and washing. Why does washing up even exist? Living in a house without a dishwasher is the worst thing about University (unless you’re one of the lucky ones that got one in your shared house). 

Number 4

For Christmas Santa please make public transport cheaper. I am a student not a business man and can’t afford those pesky train tickets (or tram tickets in my case).

Number 5

An unlimited supply of socks. Yes please, an unlimited supply of socks is like hitting the ultimate jackpot. Socks – – and lots of them!

Number 6

Dominos pizza vouchers. That is all. Or home cooked meals whilst at uni. There is nothing worse than getting home from a long day of seminars and lectures to a microwaveable carbonara – Ew.

Number 7

Bottles and Bottles of alcohol. Waiting for alcohol to go on special offer is like waiting for thick snow in Britain. Please.

Number 8

If you don’t already own this then, NETFLIX. Netflix is what every student dreams about day and night, and if you already own it, then you won’t be sleeping at all – just one more episode.

Number 9

Along with the burden of your ever growing overdraft, your tuition fees getting paid off would make for an excellent Christmas gift.

Number 10

Lastly, to ace all your hand-ins that you had submitted before Christmas. Firsts for everyone!

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