Yes it’s that time of year again. Christmas is most definitely upon us and attention will no doubt be turning from assignment deadlines to Christmas presents. Not necessarily the ones you will be giving though, but the ones you may be receiving…

A lot of people will be opening presents and cards on the big day, eagerly anticipating what they might be getting and spending the rest of the day using. However, anticipation can sometimes lead to disappointment very quickly.

Perhaps that favourite new Xbox game was forgotten about, or that amazing new handbag was just a little too expensive. Or, and perhaps most devastatingly, the Christmas card remained empty. How heartbreaking is it when you open up a moneyless Christmas card? Some of us may actually need some more doller ya know?!

Sylvia insist on her need for money due to having financial difficulties from being a student, ‘I don’t have any money at the moment; I would love it if I received some money just to help me with food and other expenses that come with moving out of home.

This isn’t the feeling of all of us, however. I went to ask some people what they thought about when they opened up a card without money in. One interviewee, Beth, expressed: ‘I never expect money from a Christmas card. I don’t really expect them any more. With the growing popularity of texting and social media, it’s so much easier to send someone a message rather than buying a card.’

It’s clear that for some, presents may be out of the question this year when buying for the student of the family.

They may well be nice to look at be helpful to them just this once, but may in the end just lead to disappointment if that person is in a desperate financial situation like some of my interviewees. ‘I am so desperate right now, if anyone is reading this please give me money!’ claimed one of them, although he may not get any now if I say his name so I will keep him anonymous. What isn’t in doubt is some of us may not necessarily know exactly what the recipient of our gifts may be thinking when they are doing the classic ‘oh that looks lovely, pretend to look interested by its face.

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