As we all know the old saying, ‘keep your friends close, enemies closer’. I have always found that a very odd phrase, surely if you are friends with people you would want to be close with them rather than people you don’t like. Regardless of the validity of the phraseology, it is very relevant to this article. When starting university, all of students more or less don’t know anyone we’ll be spending the next three years with. There’ll be ups and downs, like all relationships, but the underlying message of this article is to make sure you are well equipped with lots of friends, the university experience wouldn’t be the same without them.

If you are living in halls of residence, then there’s a high chance that you will be living with up to ten people or so that you will have never met before. They will be coming from completely different areas and backgrounds, with contrasting personalities and mannerisms that you will be used to. They may annoy you (particularly if they don’t doing their washing up) and become unbearable to live with. Nevertheless, they may well end up becoming your best friends. My advice is to stick at it, you never know when you might strike a chord with someone because it’s a lonely time at the start of university and these friends will be vital.

Some of you may be reading this who are looking to go to university next year who are thinking that they may never see their friends again. That is always a worry for people who are moving away, believing that their close ones from back home will become distant and not want to see them. That isn’t the case due to the holidays over Christmas and Easter. Despite this, that isn’t always enough time to have the comfort of friends and family around you, you’ll need to make friends to make the experience brilliant.

So to summarise, my advice to you would be the people you meet may annoy you and make you cry more than make you laugh initially. But these people may be the closest people to you, and it’s a pretty bad experience if you are known as the boring one in the corner at parties without anyone to talk to.

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