Learn Your Craft

I started out as a promo girl for Heart and while doing that I shadowed everyone that I could, from presenters to produces to the online team. I did two years on a community radio station where I learnt to present my own show, produce a show, run the desk and how to make a demo.

It’s vital to learn everything about your craft, so you have experience. Find out where your local community stations are and contact them!

Remain Original

We all have our own personal favourite presenters and its quite easy to mould yourself on them, but don’t.

Remain original, always be yourself and remember there’s nobody out there like YOU. That’s what make you so special!

Know exactly what you want

Ask yourself what show you’d love to present – what would be your ultiimate time? are you a breakfast show host? Do you want drive time? Or, are you a weekend mix DJ? This is vital when it comes to making your demo.


You can apply to be an intern at Capital where you’ll be able to expand your skills and explore your chosen path, plus you’ll see how it all works from the inside! I’ve known a few interns who are now on daytime radio! It’s great experience!

Listen to the station you’re applying for

This might sound like I’m stating the obvious but believe me, it wil really impress the person who’s brought you in to demo.

It really helps to know what’s happening on the station for example; competitions that are currently ive. sponsors connected to the shows, and the big events that are coming up.


While you’re looking fr a presenting career, its key to keep practicing by putting time aside and working on producing your own show. I know it might sound funny, but you will thank me for this. Wen I was covering my first show, I went in every other day to practice for when I went live.

Get used to hearing your own voice

The first time I had to listen to my own show, I was horrified to hear myself as I never really had. I thought I sounded like an idiot! Haha. Through seriously, you need to be able to listen t yourself and critique it.

Make demos and listen to them

once you’ve learnt to produce a demo, get your mates and your family to listen to it, ask what they think and write your own notes. Sometimes you won’t even realise you’re talking too fast (my boss told me this loads).

It might be that you sound a little too bored, arrogant, or that you’re muddling your words. Getting people to listen to you really helps.

Be active

Get your demo out there, go for radio tours, build relationships, and get yourself noticed. Your first step is getting into that building. Once you’re in, know who people are and make sure they know who you are.

Never give up

If radio presenting is what you want to do… you CAN do it! It might take some time and you will get a few knock backs but keep on with it. I had quite a few but somehow got to where I have always wanted to be!

Being where I am today is the most amazing thing and I’m having the time of my life! So go get expereince, know exactly what it is you want to do and I know you can because I did. Get out there and go get it!

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