Thinking of starting a blog?

Here are some steps that you may need to think of when starting a blog.

What can I use to start my blog?

There are many blogging websites and templates to use, but the ones that I have found the best have been Blogger and WordPress.

What do I write about?

When it comes to writing a blog you need to think of what you enjoy the mos,t or what you think you would enjoy writing about the most. This could be about fashion, travel, reviews or anything else you enjoy. If you don’t like the idea you’re blogging about you’ll find that your blog posts will sound boring and it will be clear to your audience that you don’t like what you’re writing about.

Layout and Design

In terms of designing your blog you want to make it stand out from the rest, so the audience will be more inclined to read what you have to say. I would recommend keeping it simple and make your blog look structured rather than messy, because then it will make your blog look more organised. I would also suggest using a theme which shows what sort of blog you have. For example, if you are doing a travel blog then make yours travel themed with images that relate to travel.

How often should I write?

I would suggest maybe writing once a week, or it can be more, depending on how many ideas you have and how much time you have during the week. This will keep your audience reading your blog, as it will show them you are committed to writing blogs every week for them.

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