With the rise of Apple and such brands, it seems safe to say that those technologies we once dreamed of and only saw in films, are coming to life. I mean, have you seen what the latest iPhone can do? How long will it be until our smartphones transport us to our desired destinations via Google maps, talk back to us, and I don’t just mean Siri, and transform into a car… this could be the iPhone 37, just you wait.

A Robot Maid 

I for one, have always lusted over the idea of a robot maid. How cool would that be? Coming home to “Hello human, what would you like for tea tonight?”, I mean, it would be slightly creepy, but also slightly cool. Let’s just hope it wouldn’t be like I, Robot.

Jumping Into The TV

One of my biggest wishes since primary school, has to be to be able to jump into the TV and video games. I used to imagine that I could all the time, what a great childhood I had (I wasn’t obsessed with the internet like most kids these days). Seriously though, picture yourself flicking through the channels, or desperately searching Netflix for something to watch (that’s a bit of a task in itself), and you can just jump into a fictional world. It could be action packed where you defeat the bad guys and save the day, head over to a Marvel movie if that’s you. Or you could play the role of Zac Efron’s girlfriend in the latest rom-com, I’d definitely jump into that movie! I don’t know if I’d want to visit a video game now, there all so violent, so maybe I’d stick to Mario Kart, and race my little car all day, that’s safe right… Probably not, I don’t even have a license.

Invisibility Cloaks

Dear Potter Heads, you’ll thank me for this one. This needs to be a thing. Can we make this a thing? Whenever you’re asked what super power you’d want, you say invisibility, right, right?? Either that or I would love to shape shift, ah I watch too much Supernatural. An invisible cloak would be brill though, you’d be able to spy on people and pretend you’re not there when someone says the dreaded “we need to talk” or “can I ask you something?”.

Flying Cars

So like I said earlier, I don’t have a license… but maybe it’d be easier to drive a flying car, who knows? Well someone needs to make this happen and then we’d know! I just want to fly, that’s another super power that I’d love to have, can someone invent me some wings, please?

I love technology, I’m obsessed with it, whether that be a good or a bad thing, I’ll let you decide. These things listed above probably could happen, in some day and age. I hope I’m alive to see something like this happen!

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