Within the past few years the popularity of YouTube and YouTubers in particular has grown immensely resulting in the rise in the number of “vloggers” on the internet.

It seems everybody from Delia Smith to you local sweet shop owner has their own channel, meaning even your Nan has a favourite internet star.

This growth in YouTuber popularity has also seen arise in opportunities for the young vloggers. For example, there are a number of different beauty products from different channels, merchandised items, and Zalfie and Jenna Marbles even have their own wax work figurines in Madame Tussad’s…

But the most recent thing seems to be that nearly every YouTuber is getting their own book! Tyler Oakley, Tania Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter, the list goes on. But which one should you read?

Here is a list of some of my favourite YouTuber books…


The Amazing Book is not on Fire – By Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil.

This is a fabulously fun read if you are a fan of Dan and Phil. It reads just as though you are watching their videos. It has banter, it has weirdness, and it has Dan having an existential crisis in nearly every chapter.
This isn’t so much an autobiography, but a look into the minds of Dan and Phil.

All I Know Now – It’sWayPastMyBedtime

This again isn’t really an autobiography, instead this is more of a self-help guide for young people going through the stress of being a teenager.

Carrie has included stories from her past in a way to make the reader feel less alone and to remind them that it all ends up okay in the end. As someone reading this book who is (unfortunately *sob*) past her teenage years, this was a nice way to look back and find out it wasn’t just us who went through those horrendous ordeals.


All of Giovanna Fletcher’s Books – Giovannasworld

Giovanna Fletcher is an established author who began blogging in September 2014. Her novels all are charming, enjoyable and completely lovely. All 3 of her novels and her 2 novellas are based around the theme of romance, but each does tackle some sensitive and dark issues in an incredible manner. Her novels include: Billy and Me, You’re The One I Want, and Dream a Little Dream.

Girl Online – Zoella

Girl Online is another great book for young teens facing the harsh reality of teenage life. The story follows fifteen year old Penny as she faces her first relationship, falling out with her best friend, suffering with anxiety and panic attacks and internet bullying. All the struggles teenagers today know too well.


Pointless Book – PointlessBlog

The Pointless Book is a fun activity book from blogger Alfie Deyes which consists of games, panks, jokes and challenges which anyone of any age can enjoy. This is very similar to the Wreck this Journal series.

There are of course a wide variety of other blogger books out there, just head to the page of your favourite star to see if they have released theirs yet!

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