Every time I meet somebody new and I tell them my age, the response is always the same: “you do not look 21 at all! You look way younger”. I am so used to it that lately I just reply with a shy “I know” and try and shift the conversation towards a different direction. Looking younger than my actual age used to bother me a lot, particularly when I was 14-15. Now it doesn’t really anymore. It is true, I have always looked younger, however, one of the reasons why people think I look “way” younger than I actually am is because I do not wear much make-up.

My friends assume that I do not wear make-up because my skin is flawless. Well, I can assure you it is not true. I mean my skin is not bad, but I still do get the occasional spots and red marks and pimples just like everyone else.

First I have to say I am just not good with make-up at all, the few times that I have tried doing more than the usual black eyeliner and mascara I turned out looking like a clown. When I was roughly 15 – which is when I started wearing make-up – I assumed it was a good idea to just apply bronzer on my cheeks to avoid the ‘ghost look’ in the morning. This technique didn’t really work out for me I just ended up looking like a ghost with sparkly brown cheeks. One of my friends at school taught me how to apply eyeliner and mascara which became my new favourite. I found it very hard to draw a straight line on my eyes at first, particularly at 7 AM, but with practice and with many, many failures, I eventually learned.

Eyeliner and mascara are still my university and work look most days, but for when I feel a little adventurous or for going out at night time, I followed my friend suggestion and bought myself the BB cream foundation. I have to say I absolutely hate it.  I am not allergic to any cosmetic products, but for some reasons BB cream really bothers my skin, and after having it on for only ten minutes, I just feel like I am wearing a mask that is not letting my skin breathe. So I gave up on that as well. I don’t really mind walking around without tons of make-up like most people do nor I mind seeing 14 years old looking 25, however sometimes make-up, as for all girls I guess, just makes me feel a little better about myself and about the way look.

I do not think girls, particularly young girls, should wear make-up because they feel they should change the way they look. Skin imperfections are so natural and human that I do not understand why we try so hard to hide them and feel ashamed of them. However for those “I am ugly and fat” days, all girls will know what I am talking about, I have found the perfect solution for my skin and for the mind too. I am talking about Bare Minerals products. Mineral foundation, neutral colours that actually match my skin tone without making me look orange and fake, but able to still cover those little pimples, spots and skin marks.

I ended up on the official Bare minerals website and ordered the starter kit, called complexion kit.  Inside it has a small primer, an original and matte foundation, a bronzer enhancer, a finisher and finally, a professional face brush. The make-up also came with a little leaflet with instruction and helpful suggestions on how to apply and use each product. So even people as thick as me with make-up can finally learn in a few simple steps how to contour – I’d definitely recommend!

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