We all love fashion; it’s the thing that has changed the most over the years. I personally love fashion! The colours and styles that have come and gone – I always think of the best way to get the old trends back into fashion. However, here’s a few examples of fashion we should be glad to leave in the past…


This classic trend was very popular in the 80’s, usually warn at rave parties over heels and worn with skirts or dresses. Kids in the 90’s tried to bring them back by wearing them over leggings… but it’s fair to say they belong as a distant memory!


Now come on boys! Putting your hair in a high bun knot makes you look like a wannabe… not a rocker, cool kid or god knows what! Boys who wore the topknot would stereotypically wear a denim/leather jacket or timberlands. This trend was sizzling in early 2015, but since then has frazzled away… let’s hope it stays there!


Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with high waisted shorts, the only issue I have with this trend is the festival type, where you forget the bottom half! It’s a cheeky (sorry) fashion trend to say the least, but to call it fashion is a bit too far, leave this trend in 2013 where it kicked off.


Flared jeans were big in the 70’s. Looking back at old photos my mum was clearly a fan, and dressed me in flares non-stop! Something I resent her for! Very popular also in the 90’s and can be seen on the rare occasion even today! However, I think it’s best to say that this trend was only a trend back in the day!


Another 90’s school kid classic! This trend literally came in all different colours, orange with greens, reds with purples, pinks and ocean blues, block clashes and clatters all over the place! I personally think block colours are out of fashion – to that extent at least – I would be glad to leave these trends where they belong.

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