Fashion… the one lifestyle choice where you can truly champion your individuality and ability to be unique. Be it through a striking pair of limited edition sneakers, a one off vintage coat or simply a quirky hand-me-down from the nineties, there is nothing like standing out from the crowd and expressing who you are through the power of clothes.

And it doesn’t stop at just wearing garments. An up and growing trend in the current era is to be a creative and have the cutting edge over fellow clothes designers, yet the ability to get your work seen or to gain any experience is close to none. The fashion design industry is the same as any creative career and with that, it’s often dominated by the powerhouses at the top of the hierarchy; companies and brands rarely give young people a chance, so how can you break into the industry?

Well, fellow designers and fashionistas, you’re in luck because three young business women have come up with a fantastic plan to help and establish confidence in the industry, and you can get your name out there! SODS or Students of Design is a new, innovative shopping site which has been created to champion emerging British design, as well as giving consumers the capability to get their hands on one off garments. Through collaboration and the recognition to uncover underground talent, SODS offers the youngsters the chance to meet with buyers, learn from industry professionals and work in an environment that enables them to start or enhance their own design-related business.

With this platform, SODS will uplift and empower these students and young entrepreneurs. The project will give them a tool to both sell and exhibit their works in an environment that creates value with no set-up cost to them and subsequently aims to set them up for positive growth and creating an income revenue stream to in turn help them fund their studies and practice their skills taught. Also, to industry buyers, the site offers a one-stop shop of new design talent with trusted productions and delivery times from SODS designers. Consumers will similarly benefit from being able to shop for unique items and enjoy the haute couture experience of buying straight off the runway

So, do you fancy getting involved or finding out more about the SODS? Check out their website here:

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